We type some code, day and night 🌚

If it's a Website, App or UI/UX you need, then scroll down and behold greatness.
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How it works

What we do? Nothing 🙄

Glad you asked! Honestly, just chilling, sipping coffee....and some keyboard smashing


UI/UX Design

It's UI slash UX, we don't like people who write it as UX/UI (`sick` emoji should go here), and yes, we do provide such service as we are keen on adding our own thumbprint



Believe it or not, we do them from scratch, it's a rule. And we do them by typing some code, no kidding!


Mobile Apps

We build fully-functional, fruitful and robust mobile apps and stuff them with a variety of features from A to B. wait a minute.

SVG Arrow

We simply press enter or sometimes refresh the page, and voila~! A fairy does all the magic for us

Image Description Image Description

Who are we
Whatever you need in no time!

@ MultiCaret, we work hard on delivering a special baby like no other to our clients.
Let's go through some of our statistics. Now, most sites nowadays make up the data and numbersand so do we :D

500 +

As you can see the number above seems like a big number.

9 M

There are nine-million bicycles in Beijing. That's a fact! 🚲

99 . 9 %

of the germs in our HQ are killed. Or so does our sanitizer claim.

At least 12

of our enter keys are malfunctioning due to hitting them a little too hard

In which we are proud the most?

Here is our most recent product

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