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We provide UI/UX service as part of what we do in our A-Z process when we create our projects. Mainly we focus on Clean & Minimal works


Mobile Dev

We do all of our works using Google Flutter, and we made marvelous work using it


Web Dev

We build fruitful robust websites, using Laravel/React/NextJs/Vuejs and others

Who are we

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@MultiCaret, we work hard on delivering a special baby like no other to our clients.
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50 +

Professional websites built from scratch. Tailored to fit each individual clients' needs and meat their market requirements. We care about SEO, Speed, and scalability

12 +

Google Flutter Mobile Applications built from scratch with robust attractive experience. Packed with tailored API from our end, with attractive look & feel built on precise UX.

20 +

Crafted UI/UX designs for Mobile Apps, Websites, and Tablets

60 +

Happy Clients

Multicaret team members: Mohamed Kawsara, Suheyl Kawsara, Wael Khalifa, Karim Alomar, Ghaith Alhasan
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Bany is a little boy works as a builder 👷🏻

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Ads-free Athan App

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Simple Mobile App


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